Forming Limited Liability Company/ Corporation, & Delaware LLC Formation

In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, small business owners need to take advantage of every opportunity they can to get a leg-up on the competition, and to protect their personal assets.

One-way to do this is by forming a Limited Liability Company or Corporation (LLC) in a tax and asset protection friendly jurisdiction. Unfortunately many business owners think that requires going offshore into parts of the world of which they have little or no knowledge.

But there is really no need to go offshore as there are jurisdictions right here in the United States that offer the same benefits. And more and more business in the US are starting to take advantage of them. Over half-a-million businesses have established Delaware as the legal home domain, including more than 50% of all US publicly traded companies and 58% of all Fortune 500 corporations!

Yes, this state is one of the best locations in the country and the world for forming a Limited Liability Company/ Corporation. If a Delaware LLC formation makes sense for the above businesses; it most likely makes sense for your business too. LLC formation and business incorporation here offers many advantages and benefits that aren’t available in other places.

Limited Liability Corporation/ Company & Delaware LLC Formation Benefits

  • Owners of single member LLCs do not pay any US income taxes so long as the LLC does not generate any US source income and the owner is a non-resident alien.
  • No Corporate Income Tax, Capital Shares or Stock Transfer Tax, or Inheritance Tax for corporations that operate outside of the state or for out-of-state stockholders.
  • No ongoing physical presence is required –having a Registered Agent will do.
  • No Sales Tax for anyone, meaning company purchases are tax-free.
  • No minimum investment required with no need to open a bank account in the state.
  • Owner’s name does not need to be on formation document.
  • Only one person is required to own and operate a corporation or LLC.
  • Relatively low LLC formation/ incorporation filing fees and annual Franchise Tax.
  • The state has modern and flexible corporate laws, the highly respected Court of Chancery, and a business-friendly Government.

At The Incorporating Company LLC, we offer professional, guaranteed Delaware business incorporation, LLC formation, and Registered Agent services… fast, efficient, error-free LLC forming services at one of the lowest prices in the industry!

Our clients are small, medium, and large enterprises, entrepreneurs, commercial trucks owners, sole proprietorships and partnerships, expanding businesses, international businesses seeking protection of a LLC, attorneys, accountants, and wealthy individuals looking for tax savings and asset protection.

Along with Limited Liability Company incorporation (includes initial filings and post filings, like amendments, apostilles, etc.) and Registered Agent services, we also provide document retrieval services, and franchise tax services.

If forming a Limited Liability Company/ Corporation in this state appeals to you then call: 1-302-324-5660), or you can form your Delaware LLC online right now!


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